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Bang Kachao

An urban oasis and green lung near Bangkok, known for its unique shape, lush greenery, parkland, and weekend market. Often toured by bicycle.

Tips from the community

A quick five-minute or so boat ride at a price of 30 cents takes you across the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok. It will deposit you on Bang Krachao: Bangkok’s green lung. Yes, the area is shaped like a lung, but it’s also a bit more lung-friendly than the downtown areas of Bangkok. Less smog settles into the coconut and papaya groves. It’s truly the jungle out here. Once you disembark your boat, rent a bicycle (about $3) and take off on the elevated cement walkways that meander past stilted houses, Thai temples, unique coffee shops, and endless palm trees. Plus, the shade provides respite from the Bangkok sun. This is local Bangkok life seen on two wheels, just as the locals use to get around. Special note: if you’re not confident on two wheels, you might want to hop off the bike in some areas. The elevated walkways are about 6-ish feet wide and some stretches don’t have any side barriers, so a sharp swerve could be troublesome. Best to walk those areas if you’re questioning your ability to ride in a straight line.

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