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A historic city known for its annual running of the bulls festival in Spain, located in the region of Navarre.

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Carnival Date: July 5, 2022 The Fiestas de San Fermín are best known for their closing – the infamous Running of the Bulls. This incredible nine-day festival however, has so much more to offer the party faithful. Like all carnivals around the world, the Sanfermines are a mix of music, dance and ancient traditions kept alive by passionate citizens. And like any other Carnival-esque festival, the essences of the Sanfermines lies in the breaking down of social barriers in the face of an overly-restrictive church-led society. Parades of Giants and Big Headed humans remind us to believe in more than what’s out there; the one night stands and all-night street parties give revelers license to let loose. According to El Pais, the “the chupinazo rocket marks nine days when attendees can forget about the rest of the world. The Sanfermines are a tribute to hedonism.”

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