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Solitude Ski Resort provides visitors with exactly what its name says. . . solitude. Though Solitude is the smallest and quietest of the SLC ski resorts, it should not be skipped. The resort's excellent tree skiing is perfect for intermediate and advanced skiers. Solitude features a small mountain village with some shops and a spa. Those who are not as confident skiers with enjoy the resort's Nordic ski center perfect for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing! One big plus is that equipment rental here is quite affordable!

emmabarfus 1 year ago

Statistically speaking, Utah is known to have the greatest snow on Earth and that's not an exaggeration! The climate calls for the perfect powder, so during your trip to Salt Lake City, don't forget to hit the slopes! Solitude Mountain Resort is only 30 minutes from the city, but holds more than a days worth of activities to enjoy. ✈ For a novice skier like me, I found that Solitude Mountain Resort is the perfect place to learn how to ski with perfect powder, smaller crowds, and beginner slopes.

paige 1 year ago

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    emmabarfus (Emma Lee)
    It's a commonly known fact that Utah has the "greatest snow on earth". (Don't believe me? Google Utah license plates for proof). And where there's the greatest snow on earth, there's the greatest skiing on earth. People from all over the world come to enjoy skiing in the Utah mountains that were home to the 2002 Winter Olympics. Utah's capital, Salt Lake City, is home to some of Utah's best ski resorts. Whether beginner or expert skier, family vacation or solo trip, the Wasatch mountains have a ski run for everyone. Here are the best ski resorts in SLC according to me, a Utah native.
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    Whether you're planning a family-friendly getaway along the slopes with a cozy spot to drink hot chocolate and unwind with your favorite novel an essential feature or seeking an epic and icy adventure sporting in the wilderness, we've got the ski resort for you. The USA is full of snowtopped tundra to experience some fun, dive into our extensive collection of ski resorts across the country, and finally start planning your next escapade.