Thailand Krung Thep Maha Nakhon

Yaowarat Rd

Iconic road at the heart of Bangkok's bustling Chinatown, famous for street food, gold shops, and vibrant Chinese New Year celebrations.

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Bangkok’s Chinatown is seriously impressive. The street of Yaowarat is packed full of incredible restaurants, shops, and grocery stores full of mysterious ingredients. Day or night, this area is always buzzing with activity. If you’re coming to eat though, evening is best. Conveniently, evening is cooler as well, so dining al fresco is a bit less sweaty. Before dinner, be sure to check out the China Gate at the Western entrance to Yaowarat for its picturesque beauty. Also go say a friendly “hello” to the three crocodiles that live at Crocodile Temple, Wat Chakrawat. For dinner, head to Kuay Jab Nai Huan for a neighborhood favorite of kuay jab: a peppery noodle soup with crispy pork. The widest noodles you’ve ever encountered are more like rolled sheets of noodle and the crispy pork with just the right amount of pepper is an unforgettable dish. If you’re feeling adventurous, or you’ve already had some beer to alleviate the fright of the crocodile experience, go ahead and order your soup with pork intestines. 

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