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Beach of La Concha

Iconic crescent-shaped urban beach located in the heart of a Basque city, renowned for its scenic promenade and golden sands, flanked by lush hills.

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Named after the seashell shape of the The Concha Bay (literally shell), Playa de la Concha in San Sebastián is consistently rated as one of the best beaches in Europe. This sweet Spain beach is highly photographable, with spectacular views of Urgell Mountain on one side and Igueldo Mountain on the other. The beach stretches from the old harbor and city hall for 1,500 meters to what’s known as the Parrot’s Beak. The mountains protect the beach from strong winds and high waves, while the shallow and calm waters make this spot ideal for travelers of all ages. Elsewhere, you can find activities like paddling, sunbathing, and swimming, making it the perfect beach for everyone in the family.

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    braedentg (Braeden Alexander)
    What comes to mind when you think of the best things to do in Spain? Charming hillside towns, flamenco dancers, unlimited sangria — oh, and of course, time spent on the beach. If you’re in the market for a beach getaway, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better destination than Spain, the official world leader in quality of beaches after being awarded 696 BlueFlags in 2018. So, whether you’re hoping to ride the 12-foot waves at Playa de Mundaka or spend some quality family time under the sun, here are the best beaches in Spain for every type of traveler: