New Zealand Waikato


A small coastal town in the Waikato region of New Zealand known for its surf breaks and bohemian atmosphere.

Tips from the community

Helping you keep your board waxed and ready as you move down the shores of the Tasman Sea is the happening surf town of Raglan. Salt-washed and chilled in the extreme, it’s a boarder’s mecca, touting Kiwi eateries and burger joints where you can refuel after dawn patrols. However, the true treasures are just to the south. Here, a string of beaches and bays link up to offer some of the longest rides in the country, nay, the world. It all starts on the volcanic reefs of Indicators. These drop-in barrels are for pros only, with a paddle out that involves launching yourself off nearby rock pools. To the west of that is Whale Bay, where the exposure is less and hefty groundswells signal rippable A-frames. Then comes Manu Bay of Endless Summer fame, a legend on the world surf scene. Beginners, meanwhile, can play around in the frothy rollers of Ngarunui Beach. The folks over at Raglan Surfing School can help with planning lessons there.

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