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Award winning wineries, among other hedonistic delights, steal the show in Melbourne’s Yarra Valley, a winsome experience for food and drinks flanked by Australia’s hallmark scenery. Like your favorite tipsy aunt at Christmas, you can dither about which wineries to drop in on, opt for beer or cider instead, or skip the booze altogether—say screw it—and jump in a hot air balloon. Hell, combine them all if you’re feeling particularly ridiculous (in a great way). Pro tip: join a hop-on hop-off tour if you’re really planning on indulging on that full-bodied cabernet sauvignon with subtle notes of blackberry. Day trip from Melbourne (distance): 1-1.5 hours depending on destination

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    leah (Leah Fishman)
    If I don't get to sip tea in Sri Lanka's hillside, read books in the Lake District, cozy up with Christmas lights in Zermatt, and watch grizzlies catch fish in Alaska before I die, I'm gonna *riot*. From the totally obtainable (White Sands National Park) to the obscure (Lofoten), here's my big, bad, do-before-I-die bucket list.

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