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Interdune Boardwalk

A wooden walkway in New Mexico providing access to explore the unique, sandy landscape between dunes in a vast gypsum desert.
  • Dunes Drive
  • (575) 479-6124

Tips from the community

Trying to hike the dunes is a challenge even for the fittest among us. If you want to give your calf muscles a break while also going on a dune hike, then the Interdune Boardwalk is your answer. This wheelchair accessible hike has lots of information displays and includes great views over the dunefield and the Sacramento Mountains.

michaelwarford 3 years ago

Interdune Boardwalk Guides

  • two months in new mexico

    leah (Leah Fishman)
    I'm headed to New Mexico in December and am planning a totally solo, COVID-safe getaway with my pup Fiona. We snagged a casita between Santa Fe & Taos and plan to hit all the best hikes within reach. Food stops are for take-out only, national parks will be visited on off-days, and museums will have to be saved for the next trip (RIP Meow Wolf).

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