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Grateful Dead House

Iconic 1960s band's former residence, renowned for psychedelic music and counterculture gatherings.
  • 710 Ashbury Street

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Grateful Dead House, also known as 710 Ashbury Street, holds immense significance in Haight Ashbury's counterculture history. This iconic Victorian home served as the communal residence for the members of the Grateful Dead band in the late 1960s, becoming a hub of creativity and psychedelic experimentation. Today, it stands as a symbol of the neighborhood's vibrant past and continues to attract fans and music enthusiasts from around the world.

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    Imagine walking down the vibrant streets of Haight Ashbury, San Francisco's famed neighborhood that epitomizes counterculture and has left an indelible mark on American history. From its humble beginnings as a hub for the hippie movement in the 1960s, Haight Ashbury has thrived as a symbol of creative self-expression, alternative lifestyles, and social activism. This guide is your ticket to exploring the iconic sights, sounds, and spirit of this legendary district. So, grab your flower crown, immerse yourself in the world of tie-dye and psychedelic posters, and let's embark on a journey through the captivating Haight Ashbury.