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The capital city of Washington state, known for its art scene and home to the Evergreen State College, situated at the southern end of Puget Sound.

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Olympia, Washington is the state capital of the renowned Evergreen State of the United States. As a vibrant hub of cultural diversity and natural beauty, Olympia is home to a wide array of attractions, including the capitol building, historic districts, outdoor recreational activities, and more. Visitors to the city can revel in its natural beauty and enjoy its contemporary atmosphere, which represent the best of both worlds.

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Welcome to Olympia! This cool hippie town is famous for its progressive activism and countercultural vibe. The city has a strong DIY culture and is home to tons of artists and musicians who lend to its vibrant music and art scene. With its natural beauty, community focus, and emphasis on sustainability, Olympia is a great place for those seeking an alternative, crunchy lifestyle.

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