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Randazzo’s is one of the best spots in the city to find King Cake. In 2012, the bakery was so well established that their Pecan Praline King Cake was voted “the King of King Cakes.” Their King Cakes are so famous that they are all that the bakery is devoted to making nowadays.

kaylee 1 year ago

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    I love everything about Carnival season in New Orleans - the parades, decor, and overall joviality of the city always manages to brighten the winter down here. Best of all, it’s King Cake season! Although you technically can find King Cake at all times in New Orleans, the period between the Catholic Holidays of Epiphany and Ash Wednesday is when it’s socially acceptable to eat this decadent brioche. A traditional King Cake is a ring shaped dough formed to mimic the shape of a crown in honor of the Three Kings of Epiphany. The cake is then adorned in glaze and purple, green, and gold sugar. A plastic baby figurine is also embedded into the cake, and if you end up getting the slice with it you must buy the next King Cake. Each year, my friends and I go on a mission to find the best King Cakes in the city - here are some of my favorites.

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