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Humayun’s Tomb

A 16th-century Mughal mausoleum in Delhi; a UNESCO World Heritage site and precursor to the Taj Mahal's design.

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Humayun’s Tomb inspired the design of the Taj Mahal. ⁠Empress Bega Begum commissioned this grand mausoleum in 1570 for her husband, Mughal Emperor Humayun. The complex surrounding the tomb has plenty to explore, from sprawling gardens to historic structures like the octagonal tomb of Isa Khan, which pre-dates Humayun’s.⁠ Visiting at sunset is a must. The light during golden hour makes for excellent photos.

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Humayun's Tomb is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in New Delhi, India. It is an exquisite example of Mughal architecture and design, and is considered one of the most important historical sites in the country. Built in the 16th century, this monument is a must-visit for any traveler interested in the rich history and cultural heritage of the region.

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