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Santa Cruz

A coastal city in Central California known for its surf culture, university, boardwalk, and redwoods nearby.

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Visit a state park, chill on a beach, surf the waves, hop on a whale watching tour, eat in town, or grab beers.

nicolejordan 3 years ago

Santa Cruz Guides

  • The Best Dog Beaches in Santa Cruz: Where to Find Them

    seeker (Seeker Editors)
    If you're a dog owner in Santa Cruz, you know that finding a good beach to take your furry friend can be a challenge. Fortunately, Santa Cruz has several dog-friendly beaches that provide the perfect setting for your four-legged companion to run, play, and cool off in the water. From wide expanses of sand to rocky coves, the beaches on this list offer something for every type of dog and owner. So grab your leash, some sunscreen, and a ball or frisbee, and check out our list of the best dog beaches in Santa Cruz, California!
  • Big Sur and the Central California Coast in a Camper Van

    chiefseeker (Jody Vandergriff)
    Big Sur is a stunning stretch of rugged coastline in Central California, known for its dramatic cliffs, towering redwoods, and stunning ocean views. It's a popular destination for road trippers and camper van enthusiasts, who can explore the area's many state parks, hiking trails, and secluded beaches.
  • If You're a Cat Person, This List is for You

    stillontheroad (Giada Matera)
    Calling all the catpeople here. October 29th is #NationalCatDay 🐈 🐈‍⬛ Here is a list of places around the globe where you can enjoy views, coffee, or food while petting some furry friends!
  • The Best Surf Museums in the US

    seeker (Seeker Editors)
    Imagine a place where the ocean's roar meets history, where tales of epic swells and legendary surfers line the walls, a sanctuary for all things surf. Across the United States, a network of surf museums captures the spirit and culture of surfing, chronicling its journey from ancient Polynesian tradition to the global phenomenon it is today. Whether you're a seasoned pro hanging ten on massive waves or a curious landlubber fascinated by surf lore, these museums offer a fascinating glimpse into the sport that's captivated millions. So, grab your board shorts and wax your sense of adventure as we dive into the best surf museums the US has to offer.
  • Tropical National Parks In The Caribbean

    seeker (Seeker Editors)
    National Parks in the Caribbean vary greatly, but each provides its own unique experience, complete with unforgettable views, colorful and friendly wildlife, and exciting hiking trails. Uncover subterranean lakes, geothermal hot springs, paradise islands, and destinations steeped in history, these National Parks are some of the most culturally and geographically significant in the region. Grab your snorkeling gear or your bikini- let’s take a look at some of the most breathtaking national parks in the Caribbean.
  • Christmas in the Bay Area

    stillontheroad (Giada Matera)
    Santa's villages, Christmas tree farms, and all about the holly jolly holidays in the Bay Area! 🎅 🎄
  • California's Lighthouses: A Comprehensive Guide

    seeker (Seeker Editors)
    Embark on a journey along California's spectacular coastline, and you'll discover a series of majestic guardians beaming out over the Pacific — the lighthouses. These iconic structures, perched on rugged cliffs and sandy shores, are more than just nautical landmarks; they're storied beacons of history, adventure, and engineering prowess that have guided sailors safely to harbor for generations. So, grab your binoculars and a sense of wonder as we dive into "California's Lighthouses: A Comprehensive Guide," where each lighthouse stands as a chapter of a maritime tale waiting to illuminate the Golden State's shoreline secrets.
  • Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip: The most scenic stops along the way

    seeker (Seeker Editors)
    Ready to hit the road and feast your eyes on some of the most stunning coastal views America has to offer? Buckle up, because the Pacific Coast Highway, also known as Highway 1, is a road tripper's dream—a ribbon of tarmac stretching along the edge of the western United States, flaunting ocean vistas, charming towns, and awe-inspiring landscapes that you'll be reminiscing about for years to come. As you wind your way from the misty shores of the north to the sun-kissed beaches in the south, there are some stops that simply can't be missed. So let's talk about the Pacific Coast Highway road trip and all the scenic pit stops that make this journey an adventure of a lifetime.
  • California Coast Road Trip

    nicolejordan (Nicole Jordan)
    Driving Highway 1 down the California Coast? These are some of my favorite destinations definitely worth checking out!

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