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Redwood National and State Parks

Iconic protected area in California known for its towering coast redwoods, diverse ecosystems, and scenic coastline.

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130,000 acres of steaming, lush redwood forest set right along the Pacific Coast champion the world’s largest trees, some of them topping 370 feet. But numbers never seem to cut it with Redwood National Park, where statistics like “five stories taller than the statue of liberty” and “as old as ancient Roman civilization” still don’t do justice to the majesty of these sentinels.  The only way to really get a taste of the Redwoods is to hike through the forest yourself, climbing over fallen trunks the size of houses or gazing up into the canopy of giants. Don’t limit yourself to just walking, though. You can bike, horseback ride, and camp throughout the park’s 200 miles of trail system year round, and a leisurely drive down the coast and from one end of the park to another takes about three hours.  Any way you take on the park, which protects nearly half of the world’s old growth redwood and is home to Hyperion, the tallest living tree on earth, you’ll get a chance to see the world’s largest herd of Roosevelt Elk, as well as bald eagles and black bears.  

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A tree-hugger’s paradise, the Redwood National and State Parks spill down the California Coast Ranges to a roaring Pacific Ocean. Together, the conglomeration of reserves covers nearly 140,000 acres, ranging from the CA-OR state line to the woods south of the Klamath River. The ginormous specimens of Tall Trees Grove (some trees there are over 370 feet!) are one of the main draws, but you’ve also got fern-filled canyons, bridle trails, and deserted beaches.

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Redwood National and State Parks in Northern California have a cosmic claim to fame as they served as the lush, otherworldly backdrop for the forest moon of Endor in "Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi." Fans can walk among the towering coast redwoods, some of the tallest trees on earth, and immerse themselves in the same enchanting landscape where iconic scenes with Ewoks and speeder bike chases were filmed. The parks offer a unique opportunity to step into a piece of cinematic history while experiencing the natural majesty of ancient forests that have stood for centuries.

seeker 1 month ago

As you cruise the scenic byways of California on your national park roadtrip, a visit to Redwood National and State Parks is an absolute must. Here, you can stand in awe among the towering, ancient redwood groves - the tallest trees on Earth - and hike through lush forests that lead to rugged coastal vistas. This unique ensemble of parks not only epitomizes the wild beauty of the northern California coast but also offers a serene escape, with opportunities for wildlife spotting, camping, and immersing yourself in centuries-old ecosystems.

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Redwood National and State Parks cover more than 138,000 acres of magnificently preserved forestland in California's north, where old-growth redwoods tower skyward. Established in 1968 and expanded in 1978, this national and state park was declared a World Heritage Site in 1980, joining the ranks of the most significant natural and cultural landmarks on the planet. With awe-inspiring coastal scenery and a rich concentration of wild flora and fauna, Redwood National and State Parks are a must-see destination for visitors to North America.

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Sleep with the protection of giants in the Redwoods National and State Parks. Pitches at places like the Jedediah Smith Campground mean cabins and canvas right by some of the largest trees in the whole wide world.

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Redwood National Park is rich in colorful sea life in offshore waters and coastlines. Discover hidden swimming holes and tour the lively waters beneath towering redwood trees, off the pristine beaches there are unique walls and ledges beneath the water that house plentiful biodiversity that is fascinating to explore.

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Most famously known for sky-scraping redwood trees, this park also preserves prairies, rugged coastline, and lush California landscape. With picturesque trails, friendly wildlife, and idyllic views, Redwood has established itself as one of the top national parks in the country.

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Another spot to ring in the new year surrounded by nature, Redwood National forest is awe inspiring in its own right. Celebrate with close family and friends with these trees that have seen hundreds and thousands of years pass by.

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Magical! We were all in awe of these amazing trees. It was simply amazing. Great easy hikes at Fern Canyon, Big Tree Wayside, Trillium Falls Trail and Lady Bird Johnson Grove.

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Home to the tallest tree in the world, Redwoods National and State Parks are filled with giant redwoods, lush green forests, and rugged coastal cliffs.

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Simply magical! And if you like Star Wars, it's a great place to look for Ewoks.

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redwoods are so old and tall. you can drive through one of the trees

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