Italy Emilia-Romagna Modena

Ponte Alto

Historic bridge in Modena, Emilia-Romagna, Italy known for its architectural beauty and connection to the city's cultural heritage.

Tips from the community

In Italy we have this thing called “Sagra”. The Sagra is basically a non national kind of holiday where you usually celebrate a Saint, a food, a place, an animal… In this Sagre there’s a lot of cheap street food (such as bbq, french fries, hamburgers, hot dog and something typical from the town you are). They usually build temporary Luna Park, and of course there’s music! And you can find so many artists that are probably not very know (but they usually make better music). But sometimes you are lucky to see your favorite artists live. Here I was in Modena, and on the stage you can see one of my favorite Italian bands “Pinguini Tattici Nucleari”. The vibes at the Sagre is so cool! Cause it’s almost like you live your problems at home and you just go to stay with your friends, eat very good food and enjoy music.

laura_comin 2 years ago