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Ler Devagar

A bookstore and cultural hub in Lisbon, Portugal, known for its vast selection of books, enchanting atmosphere, and architectural beauty.

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Ler Devagar is well on its way to becoming an iconic stop in the City of Light. Located in the LX Factory, this incredible bookstore has books stacked up to the ceilings, a bicycle by artist Pietro Proserpio floating from the rafters, and old printing presses holding it all together. It’s not only beautiful, Ler Devagar is a haven from the city noise and an absolute must stop for bibliophiles.

marisamegan 2 years ago

It’s not often that a bookstore will take your breath away but here there’s no denying it here. The grand display of books and unique set up makes this place a must-see for those in the city.

chantelloura 4 years ago

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