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Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar

A historic and storied bar in New Orleans, famed for its claim as one of the oldest in the U.S., with an ambiance of candlelit ghost tales.

Tips from the community

Compare the Voodoo Daiquiri and Hurricane at Lafitte’s Blacksmith Bar: Lafitte’s is the last stop on Bourbon before you hit the more residential section near Armstrong Park. Come here towards the end of the night while the piano man plays on and locals begin to convene after a long night of drinking. Lafitte’s is the oldest operating bar in the United States, first opened in 1722. The building survived two fires that near leveled the French Quarter and prohibition, where they operated as a speakeasy. It is not only the oldest bar in the United States, but one of the oldest standing structures in New Orleans. It has the original Bavarian-style structure of the old city that turned towards French Baroque buildings in the 1800s. Lafitte’s has two iconic drinks - the Voodoo Daiquiri and the Hurricane. Go with a friend and try both.

kaylee 2 years ago

Serving up drinks since the 18th century, the walls here are dripping in legend and lore. When you ask a local where to go for a great night on the town, they’ll point you to Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop. Away from the tourist traps of Bourbon Street, this place is a must. 
It can be quite difficult to find a spot at the bar, but never fear, the drinks are worth it. Make your way up to the counter and order the notorious “frozen voodoo daiquiri/purple drink” My suggestion: only order one, they’re very potent and sneak up quickly!

theblondeabroad 4 years ago

Just past all the rowdiness of Bourbon Street, you'll find this cozy spot with great drinks and great atmosphere.

tarahchieffi 2 years ago

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