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A charming coastal town in southwest Ireland known for its scenic landscapes, traditional Irish culture, and friendly resident dolphin in the bay.

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Each year, Dingle is the very first city in Ireland to ring in St. Patrick’s Day as the Dingle Fife and Drum Band takes to the street at 6am. Now that’s commitment. Located in the Dingle Peninsula and absolutely stunning, Dingle is a small and charming town where local community takes precedent over huge celebrations. If you’re seeking a quiet, family-oriented St. Patrick’s Day escape, Dingle is your place. Highlights: Taking a tour at the Dingle Distillery and finding your inner child at Dingle Oceanworld (a surprisingly huge aquarium located on Dingle Harbor) Pro Tip: Dingle isn’t too far from Skellig Michael (about a 3 hour journey) if you like ruins. Or Star Wars. Just saying…

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Dingle, located on the beautiful west coast of Ireland, offers a unique and authentic St. Patrick's Day experience. Visitors can enjoy traditional music sessions, parades, and Irish dancing. The town is also known for its cozy pubs, where locals and visitors alike gather to raise a glass to Ireland's patron saint. Be sure to sample local seafood and take a stroll along the scenic coastline while you're there!

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