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Capital city of Russia, renowned for the Kremlin, Red Square, and Saint Basil's Cathedral; nation's political, cultural, and economic hub.

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As my Moscow native friend said, an average day in Moscow is “cold, but it’s not freeze-your-ass-off-cold”. Hearty natives bustling about their days will remind you that any cold you are experiencing is just a part of everyday life in this northern capital.
As anyone who visits Moscow in the winter will tell you: ice skating is an essential. Almost every park is converted into an ice rink and decked out with bright lights and decorations. On all but the most bitter cold days, these parks are full of locals who choose to ignore the cold in favor of fun. It’s easy to forget your numb fingers when you’re skating around surrounded by the awe-inspiring architecture of Red Square. But, the spell might be broken when you fall on your butt and somehow manage to lose your gloves, your hat, and your dignity.
Once you’ve taken a few graceful spills on the ice rink, it’s time for sledding. While you can find sweet spots all over the city, head Novodevichy Convent is an all-time fave. This fairytale-like nunnery provides an excellent view for you to look at right before your sled hits the snow.
Of course, the best winter vacations in Moscow also offer a mix of fun indoor and outdoor activities: museums, landmarks, etc. for you to warm up in between excursions. But for a truly unique experience, bundle up and get outside! And if you’re cold, embrace the Russian spirit: drink some vodka and get over it.

5 years ago

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