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Royal Ontario Museum

A premier museum in Toronto offering a rich mix of natural history and world cultures exhibits.

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One of Toronto’s best museums is the Royal Ontario Museum (the ROM), which could be a daylong adventure if you wanted to see everything. Housing dinosaur bones and Indigenous artifacts, with a rotation of ethnic art, animal installations and historical exhibits, the ROM is a massive institution with all sorts of special programming for kids and adults alike. Even if you don’t want to spend hours in a museum, check it out from the outside, because the architecture is also worth checking out. A controversial addition was built in 2007 that looks like a glass meteor crashed into an original Neo-Romanesque building from the 1910s. The contemporary addition divided the public and architectural critics, but for better or worse, it’s now an icon of the city. 

mfraiman 2 years ago

Can you imagine a massive party under life-sized dinosaur fossils and ancient Egyptian tombstones? Friday Night Live provides the unique opportunity to socialize, drink, and dance your way through the cultural treasures of Canada’s most famous museum. Every Friday, the Royal Ontario Museum hosts a thumping social event with changing themes, as well as a unique set of local DJs, bands, and singers – meaning no two parties are ever the same. 

braedentg 2 years ago

Spectacular from the inside out, the Royal Ontario Museum is among the largest museums in North America. The museum dates back over a century and houses a world-class collection of natural history specimens, cultural objects, and artwork from around the world. From South Asian artefacts and ancient Egyptian treasures to life-sized dinosaur skeletons, the ROM is a magical learning experience. 

braedentg 4 years ago

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