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When: 2021 TBD Where: Wisconsin State Capital, Madison, Wisconsin, USA The Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival is the longest running cannabis legalization rally and 420-friendly event in the US. The festival began as a smoke-in at the Madison’s State Capitol Rotunda to protest the cannabis related arrests of cannabis legalization activists in the 1970’s. 2021 will celebrate the 51st anniversary of the first Harvest Festival with a march to the capital, rally at the capital steps, kick-off party, speakers, music, and weed-friendly vendors.

leah 2 years ago

Madison, the capital of Wisconsin, is a charming city surrounded by two beautiful lakes and home to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Visitors can explore the historic State Capitol building, the Olbrich Botanical Gardens, and the Henry Vilas Zoo. Known for its vibrant food and music scene, Madison is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling through the Midwest.

seeker 2 months ago

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