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A 110-acre theme park and wildlife preserve known for its thousands of alligators and crocodiles, with unique animal encounters and zip lining.

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Since 1994, Gatorland has been the leader in alligator safety and education. Part theme park and part conservation area, Gatorland lets you get up close and personal with the prehistoric creatures that roam the park. Some of the alligators that call the breeding marsh home are a whooping 14 feet long! Besides gators, you might also spot some unique birds in the free-flight aviary. Pro Tip: If you prefer to spot alligators in their natural habitat, head 15 minutes outside of the city to the boardwalks at Lake Jessup.

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Gatorland, located in Orlando, Florida, is renowned as one of the best sanctuaries for reptile encounters in the Sunshine State, offering visitors an unforgettable opportunity to see a wide variety of alligators and crocodiles. Known as the "Alligator Capital of the World," this 110-acre theme park and wildlife preserve allows guests to experience up-close interactions with these ancient reptiles, from baby gators to the massive breeders, in a safe and educational setting. With unique attractions such as the Gator Wrestlin' Show, the park combines entertainment with conservation efforts, showcasing their commitment to the preservation and understanding of these creatures.

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    wildlifeconnect (Wildlife Connect )
    If you're fascinated by the scaly denizens of the animal kingdom and find yourself in the Sunshine State, you're in luck! Florida is a haven for reptile enthusiasts, boasting an impressive array of sanctuaries and habitats where you can get up close and personal with an assortment of slithering and crawling creatures. From gazing into the eyes of an ancient alligator to observing the delicate maneuvers of a colorful lizard, these exceptional places offer not just encounters but immersive educational experiences. Allow me to guide you through the best sanctuaries across Florida where reptiles are the stars, and your curiosity is the only ticket you'll need for an adventure like no other.

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