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There are just two restaurants in San Antonio de los Cobres. Despite their sheer remoteness, both are viable places to enjoy a good old grill or parrilla (this is Argentina after all). For those who feel so inclined, various llama dishes are on the menu. After lunch and a brief stroll around the town, passengers get back onto the bus towards the final stop of the day to enjoy “la merienda,” an afternoon snack. Santa Rosa de Tastil is the administrative centre of Quebrada del Toro. It’s a minuscule area within the Quebrada and has only about 12 families in residence. Santa Rosa de Tastil is also part of the Qhapaq Ñan framework, the intricate Andean road and trade system and UNESCO World Heritage Site. There’s a micro museum to take in, Museo de Sitio Tastil, and more artisan wares created by the local families. Take home beautiful mementos and clothing made from alpaca fibers, as well as gourds for mate drinking, a fiercely Argentinean pastime.

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