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Inyo National Forest

A vast expanse of public land in California, home to ancient bristlecone pines, featuring Mount Whitney, and offering diverse outdoor activities.

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Inyo National Forest serves as a magnificent corridor between Yosemite National Park and Death Valley National Park. Nestled between these two iconic destinations, your camper van rental can venture to Inyo National Forest offering its own unique blend of high-mountain scenery, clear lakes, and lush forested areas. This expansive national forest not only connects two extremes of California's natural beauty but also provides ample opportunities for hiking, camping, and wildlife viewing to enrich the camper van journey between the parks.

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Inyo National Forest Guides

  • A Road Trip from Yosemite to Death Valley

    gocamp (GoCamp )
    <p>Embarking on a California road trip from the majestic cliffs of Yosemite to the sunny sands of Death Valley is like flipping through the most diverse pages of nature's grand portfolio. Picture this: one day you're gazing in awe at the towering granite monoliths and cascading waterfalls of Yosemite Valley, and the next, you're wandering amidst the alien landscapes of the lowest and driest national park in North America. This is no ordinary camper van journey; it's a transition between extremes, an exploration that really puts into perspective the magnificence and diversity of the natural wonders our world has to offer. Rent your camper van and buckle up for an adventure that takes you from the cool, forest-clad Sierra Nevada to the stark and mesmerizing beauty of the Mojave Desert.</p>
  • Things to Do Near Yosemite

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