Vietnam Thua Thien Hue


Ancient Vietnamese imperial city, renowned for its Citadel, royal tombs, and heritage of the Nguyen Dynasty, situated on the Perfume River.

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Hue is the place to go to get in touch with the glorious past of old Vietnam. It was once the epicenter of the Nguyen Empire, whose influence stretched north to China and west to Thailand. Visions of the Imperial Citadel and the half-ruined Forbidden Purple City offer a glimpse into the grand court rooms and palaces that were raised during that age. Meanwhile, on the far side of the Perfume River, modern Hue bustles with its parklands, eateries, and motor rickshaws. Hue is also the start of the Hai Van Pass, a crazy winding road that overlooks Vietnam’s best beaches and rocky cliffs.

jrfrancis 4 years ago

Kicking off in Hue (one of the best budget backpacking destinations in Vietnam), the first half of the Hai Van Pass is spent ascending the mountain’s sloped switchbacks, with plenty of tempting spots to stop and take a gander. Deserted stretches of sandy beaches are viewable from above and seemingly forgotten, but definitely not unappreciated. At its highest point, you’ll probably say holy sh*t under your breath. I don’t know who paved this road, but I’d buy them a beer if I could.

sarahlempa 4 years ago

Hue, located in Thua Thien Hue province of central Vietnam, is an important cultural destination in Asia. It is home to numerous ancient landmarks and world heritage sites, including the Hue Imperial City and the Tomb of Emperor Minh Mang. Visitors can enjoy exploring the rich history and architecture of the city while also experiencing local culture and cuisine. Hue is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in experiencing the beauty and diversity of Asia's world heritage sites.

seeker 11 months ago

Vietnam’s Imperial City feels like a museum and a time capsule wrapped into one. With an ancient citadel composed of ornate structures surrounded by a moat and sturdy protective walls, the sights are still quite intact despite destruction from bombings during the war.

sarahlempa 5 years ago

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