New Zealand Waikato Coromandel Peninsula

Coromandel Peninsula

A scenic peninsula in Waikato, New Zealand, known for its rugged terrain, lush forests, beautiful beaches, and a haven for outdoor activities.

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With a length of 52 miles, shorelines that spill into the Pacific Ocean and the Hauraki Gulf, and a backbone of rugged massifs topped with mystical kauri trees, you could say that the Coromandel is the perfect fusion of coast and mountain. The upshot? You’re just as likely to need the hiking boots as the wetsuit in these parts. Starting with the trails, you can look to the soaring slopes of the Coromandel Range. That dominates the heart of the region. In its deepest recesses, the Ohinemuri River gurgles over boulders, carving out the sheer-cut Karangahake Gorge. There’s an historic trekking route that encompasses old mines and roaring waterfalls. Alternatively, The Pinnacles Trail is a whopping 8-hour ascent through primeval kauri woodland, whisking you to jagged mountaintops with panoramic views. Surf wise, there’s plenty to get through on the east coast. The beachies of Te Karo Bay forever beckon intermediates and up, rolling left and right with the power of the Pacific. Or, pick the crystal-clear waters of Hot Water Beach, where steaming springs bubble into some fast and barrel-like left handers.

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