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Gibeau Orange Julep

Iconic roadside spherical building in Montréal known for its frothy orange drink and classic car gatherings.

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Every city needs a weirdo roadside attraction. This is Montréal’s. Gibeau Orange Julep is a monstrous 3-story high, 40-foot wide restaurant and drink shack that’s shaped like an orange. Yep, an orange. Restaurant owner Hermas Gibeau founded the eatery in 1932 and named it after his staple orange julep drink. In addition to bright sugary drinks, you can find typical Quebecois eats, including burgers, french fries, and, of course, poutine. How to: Cruise by the “Big Orange” any Wednesday from May to September to see the parking lot filled with colorful vintage cars. The weekly classic car meet-up is organized by car fanatics, but totally open to the public.

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