North Pole

North Pole

Earth's northernmost point, axis of rotation meets surface, Arctic region, opposite to Antarctic.

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Okay, I’ll start by admitting that I haven’t yet managed to tick this one off my bucket-list but an intrepid traveler can still dream, can’t she? The ride to trump all rides, a North Pole hot air balloon experience would seriously have to be the ultimate thrill, wouldn’t you say? Despite the fact that the flight is tethered to the ground (thank god, some might say, lest you land in the middle of the eyeball-freezing Arctic Ocean) soaring high above the northernmost corner of our planet and looking out over the sensational expanse of white, perhaps even spotting a polar bear and migrating whales, would surely make grown men weak at the knees. The eyewatering prize of this particular delight includes a 14-day Arctic expedition, the only one currently offering hot air balloon rides at the North Pole as a titillating extra. Where from? Departing from Helsinki, Finland. By whom? Quark Expeditions How Long? Part of a 14-day Arctic Tour How much? A meagre USD 30,000 per person, with 5 cents to spare!

laurastraveltales 6 years ago

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