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Singapore Botanic Gardens

A lush UNESCO World Heritage site in Singapore, featuring tropical flora, a swan lake, and the National Orchid Garden.

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Singapore Botanic Gardens is one of the world's most beautiful botanic gardens and a must-visit attraction on your trip to Singapore. The garden covers 82 hectares of stunning flora and fauna, including 10,000 species of plants, making it the perfect place to explore and relax amidst Singapore's bustling city. Visitors can enjoy a range of attractions, including the National Orchid Garden, the Evolution Garden, and the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden, providing something for everyone to enjoy.

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Singapore Botanic Gardens, established in 1859, is a historic park and botanical institution that showcases the diversity of tropical flora in Southeast Asia. It has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its sustainable management and efforts towards biodiversity conservation. Visitors can explore the lush gardens, admire the stunning orchid collections, and attend cultural events and concerts held regularly in the gardens.

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