Laos Champasak Province Phan Don

Si Phan Don

An archipelago in the Mekong River featuring myriad small islands, notable for its tranquil waterways and rare Irrawaddy dolphins.

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The Mekong gets to its most dramatic as it tumbles over the rocky plateaus of Southern Laos and into the jungles of Cambodia. The region is known to locals as the Si Phan Don. You might have heard of it as the 4,000 Islands. The name is apt, what with countless outcrops of rock jutting from the eight-mile-wide waters. Some are gnarled like giant’s fingers, others are dressed in dashes of emerald forest. Oh, and this is also prime territory for glimpsing the rare pink river dolphin, so be sure to consider an aqua safari!

jrfrancis 2 years ago

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