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Stowe Pinnacle

A popular natural landmark located in a renowned ski destination in Vermont, offering stunning panoramic views and hiking opportunities.

Tips from the community

Come for the views, stay for the pups. Stowe Pinnacle is famous for its resident celebrities: two sweet and mischievous Golden Retrievers, Baylor and Sampson, who summit the mountain by themselves on the daily. If you google Stowe Pinnacle, you'll find hundreds of pics of the boys sunbathing and taking selfies. Sadly, Baylor passed away in November 2020, but you can still find Sampson at the peak, and he loves to give hugs. 3.7 out-and-back with a 1600ft gain.

leah 3 years ago

The hike at Stowe Pinnacle offers a moderately difficult but rewarding 3.6-mile round-trip trek to one of Vermont's most photographed viewpoints! You can choose to start at the Upper Hollow Road trailhead or shorten the hike by a mile by starting at Pinnacle Meadows lot. The climb is 1,520 feet and takes about 2.5 hours, but the stunning views of the Green Mountains make it worth it.

leah 7 months ago

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