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A charming walled city in central Italy renowned for its preserved medieval architecture, picturesque streets, and stunning Renaissance-era walls.

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Once powerful enough to rival even Venice, Lucca stands at the gateway to the Tuscan plains on the south side of the Apuan Alps. It’s ringed by mighty walls, a creation of the Renaissance that can still be strolled to see formidable brick bastions and gatehouses. They demark the historic center, which is a joy to get lost in. Follow Via Fillungo to the soaring clocktower and you’ll pass close to the grand Ducal Palace and the fantastical façades of the Duomo di San Martino. When you tire of sightseeing, set aside some time for a crisp Colline Lucchesi wine and a plate of Matuffi: a local dish that’s all polenta, wild mushrooms, and Italian sausage.

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