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Society for Arts and Technology

A hub in Montreal for digital culture and immersive technologies that fosters multidisciplinary artistic creativity and innovation.
  • 1201 St Laurent Blvd

Tips from the community

The Satosphere, a project by the Montréal Society for Arts and Technology, is the world’s first immersive modular theater in a dome (think planetarium), with a 360-degree spherical projection screen and adult drinks. This space puts its 350 guests at the center of a tangible, inclusive, immersive audio-visual experience. Be prepared to lay back, relax, and feel very human. How to: Before or after the show, head to the third floor of the SAT building and you’ll find Labo Culinaire, AKA Foodlab, where you can snag a bite off of their innovative food and cocktail menu. Foodlab’s rooftop patio is perfect for the summer, and is often filled with tourists and local students enjoying a late night.

leah 2 years ago

Experience the futuristic reality at the intersection of creativity and technology at this sci-fi-esque experimental hub in the heart of Downtown Montréal. The Society of Arts Technology is a non-profit organization that encourages innovation and creativity in the digital age. The museum is topped with a spherical projection theater and is full of immersive technologies including (but not limited to) 3-D design and virtual reality as well as hosts residencies for cutting-edge digital artists and creators. The visionary hub also presents plenty of events such as open-air movie nights and hackathon workshops. There is always something cool and geeky happening here.

madeleineray 2 years ago

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