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An Italian city situated on an island, known for its vibrant street life, rich history, and mesmerizing blend of architectural styles.

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Did we tell you how we’re super mega fans of the Sicilian cuisine? From my personal experience, I have to say that the Streaty Food Tour in Palermo is one of the best experiences for adventurous foodies visiting Sicily. This walking tour lasts for about 3 hours and explores Palermo’s local markets of Capo and Vucciria. Our guide Marco took us to the best places in these centuries-old markets to try local food delicacies such as arancini, sfincione, cazzilli fritters, pani ca’ meusa, and the almighty cannoli with ricotta cream.

dejanbadnjarevic 2 years ago

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    Seductively beautiful with diverse landscapes that range from sandy beaches and chains of charming islets to mountain ranges and archeological ruins, Sicily is a beautiful island located off the south coast of Italy. The land of the Cyclops has been inhabited by everyone from Arabs and Byzantines to Greeks and Romans, making it a cultural […]