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Fagatele Marine Sanctuary

A protected marine area in American Samoa, home to diverse coral reefs and marine life, part of the National Marine Sanctuary system.

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At the southern end of the island, just a short drive from Pago Pago, is the Fagatele Bay Marine Sanctuary – a coral reef ecosystem that is consistently ranked as one of the best diving spots in the world. While this is the smallest national marine sanctuary, it is also home to more fish and marine mammals than any other. Here, you’ll find everything from giant clams to baby octopuses to nesting turtles – and it’s not unusual to run across a shark as well! If diving isn’t your thing (I’ll pass on the sharks, thanks), you can hop aboard a chartered boat and stay high and dry. Check out Pago Pago Marine Charters for your ultimate adventure on the high seas – this company offers sightseeing and whale watching tours all around American Samoa.

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