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Waimea State Recreation Pier

A recreational area located in a coastal town of Hawaii, featuring a pier for various activities and an inviting atmosphere for visitors.

Tips from the community

The island of Kauai is the oldest Hawaiian Island, and consequently, its black sand beaches are the oldest as well. Kauai is home to just two black sand beaches, one of which is the Waimea State Recreational Pier. Since the black sand at the Waimea State Recreational Pier is older, it has turned more grayish from sun bleaching. But that doesn’t make this beach any less beautiful. The best thing to do at Waimea State Recreational Pier is simply sit on the sand and watch the colorful sunset paint the sky. If it’s clear enough, you’ll even be able to see the small island of Niihau in the distance.

sarahetinas 2 years ago

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