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Mediterranean city famed for its Fallas festival, science and arts complex, paella origins, and historic orchard irrigation system, the "huerta."

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Perhaps Spain’s most emblematic dish on an international level, paella traces its humble origins back to the Valencia region. While paella has since spread all over Spain with each region now boasting its own version, foodies looking to uncover the true essence of the rice-based dish should have their appetite fixed on Valencia. Between the family-run establishments that have fed Valencians for generations, contemporary hotspots that are redefining the dish, and charming beachside chiringuitos, no trip to Valencia is complete without a taste of authentic paella. Here’s a guide to some of our favorite paella restaurants in Valencia.

braedentg 5 years ago

Valencia is popular with the digital workforce for its affordability, public parks, long stretching beaches, and cafés to post up in for the workday (or night, whenever works). It’s slightly quieter than Barcelona and Madrid, making it easy to get stuff done, but also embrace Spanish culture. Tapas after work never sounded like a bad idea, anyway. Cost of living: $2,389 USD per month WiFi: 15 mbps

sarahlempa 3 years ago

Valencia is one of the top cities for digital nomads, located on the eastern coast of Spain. Known for its vibrant culture, stunning architecture, and delicious cuisine, Valencia offers a thriving community of remote workers and entrepreneurs. With affordable living costs, fast internet, and plenty of co-working spaces, Valencia is an ideal destination for those seeking a work-life balance in a beautiful setting.

seeker 1 year ago

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