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Talking of views of the Dolomites, there’s no better hunting ground for those than the Via Alta 1. This is legendary hiking terrain, mapped across 1,500 kilometers, through valleys like Cortina d’Ampezzo (stop there to have a coffee with the Gucci-wearing, Alpine-chic crowd) and the serrated Belluno ranges.In total, the whole trek takes around 10-12 days. Along the way, you’ll bed down in high-perched cabins known as rifugios. More often than not, they turn into schnapps- and wine-drinking taverns 2,700 meters up! While in Tyrol, make a quick pit stop at Hotel Hubertus: home to the world’s most stunning infinity pool.

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    Oh, Italy— you boot-shaped beauty, you. With your pizza-spinning chefs, OTT hand gestures, truffle-scented tagliatelle and creamy gelato, there’s really nowhere else that can match. From north to south, you range from ice-capped Dolomites covered in snow to wave-lapped pebble coves baked in 80-degree sun. And between the two…well…let’s just say it’s a panini sandwich […]