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Alabama Hills

A rugged landscape in eastern California known for its unique rock formations, natural arches, and Hollywood film backdrops within the Sierra Nevada.

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Alabama Hills is a stunning geological landscape located in California's Eastern Sierra region. Although it is not a national park itself, it serves as a unique stop on a road trip from Yosemite National Park to Death Valley National Park, offering travelers a contrasting view of natural beauty with its distinctive rock formations, arches, and scenic vistas. It provides a perfect opportunity to stretch your legs and capture some breathtaking photos amidst the rugged terrain, bridging the lush landscapes of Yosemite with the stark desert of Death Valley.

gocamp 1 week ago

When heading down the 395, this is a must see. The landscape immediately transforms into something so otherworldy, it's hard to put into words. It is no wonder this location has been a long time favorite of the movie industry.

chiefseeker 4 years ago

The only word that comes to mind is otherworldly. The Alabama Hills seem to appear out of literally no where and feel like you've landed on Mars.

chiefseeker 3 years ago

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