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Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve

A vast Alaskan wilderness featuring fjords, tidewater glaciers, temperate rainforests, and diverse wildlife, managed for preservation and recreation.

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Glacier Bay National Park marks the spot where the colossal ice fields of the Saint Elias Mountains spill into the sub-zero waters of the North Pacific Ocean. Sounds dramatic? Well…that’s because it is. So dramatic, in fact, that over half a million people head to gawp at the mighty fjords and mountains each year, many of them on cruise ships — the park is only accessible by boat and plane. Must-sees include the great Johns Hopkins Glacier and the calving Margerie Glacier.

jrfrancis 3 years ago

There is nothing that stays with you like a visit to this beautiful location. It's unlike anything you can ever imagine. It's well worth the time, effort and cost of getting there. It'a a view you will never, ever forget!

everygreatadventure 2 years ago

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