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Desert Botanical Garden

A 140-acre attraction in Phoenix, AZ featuring thousands of arid-land plants from deserts worldwide, with trails, exhibits, and events.

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Desert Botanical Garden, located in Phoenix approximately 13 miles from Sloan Park in Mesa, Arizona, is an enchanting destination showcasing the beauty and diversity of desert plants from around the world. With over 50,000 plant displays set in a stunning 140-acre landscape, visitors can explore themed trails that highlight the unique ecosystems of the Sonoran Desert. If you're in the area for a baseball game at Sloan Park or other local activities, a visit to this serene botanical oasis provides a perfect complement to the urban and sports attractions of the region.

visitmesa 4 months ago

The Desert Botanical Garden, located approximately 13 miles southwest of the Sheraton Wrigleyville West in Mesa, AZ, is a captivating attraction showcasing a variety of desert plants, including a vast collection of cacti and succulents. After exploring the botanical wonders, visitors can enjoy a meal at Gertrude's, the garden's on-site restaurant, which features a menu with local and sustainably sourced ingredients. Alternatively, for those looking to dine closer to the Sheraton, the nearby Mesa Riverview shopping center offers a variety of dining options to suit many tastes.

visitmesa 2 months ago

The Desert Botanical Garden, located just a 20-minute drive from Sloan Park in Phoenix, Arizona, offers a unique glimpse into the diverse flora that thrives in arid conditions. As a perfect contrast to a day of baseball at the Cubs' spring training facility, visitors can explore a variety of themed trails showcasing an array of cacti, agave, and other desert plants. This tranquil oasis provides educational programs, art installations, and seasonal events that highlight the beauty and ecological importance of the desert landscape.

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If you're a bird watcher visiting Mesa, Arizona, you'll want to make a trip to the Desert Botanical Garden, located in nearby Phoenix. This unique garden showcases the diverse flora of the Sonoran Desert, offering a serene backdrop for observing local and migratory bird species, such as hummingbirds, Gila woodpeckers, and curve-billed thrashers. With its well-maintained trails and natural habitats, the Desert Botanical Garden provides an ideal spot for bird enthusiasts to connect with the avian residents of the desert environment.

visitmesa 5 months ago

Desert Botanical Garden is a stunning representation of a unique natural beauty that characterizes the Phoenix area. Here visitors can discover a diverse collection of flora and fauna native to the Sonoran desert, including cacti, succulents, and wildflowers. With its beautiful trails, inspiring exhibits, and educational programs, Desert Botanical Garden provides an unforgettable experience of the world's most beautiful botanic gardens.

seeker 1 year ago

The Desert Botanical Gardens are beautiful on their own, but this holiday season brings even more beauty with the dazzling lights of Las Noches de Las Luminarias. A spread of twinkling holiday lights creates a desert wonderland, perfect for enjoying the holiday season with friends and family. This event also brings musical performances, entertainment and holiday treats.

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Discover the tranquil vibrancy of 50,000 desert plants nestled amid the red rocks of the Papago Buttes at Desert Botanical Garden. An Arizona icon for 84 years, the Garden has grown into a compelling attraction and desert conservation pioneer, offering worldly plants, vibrant trails, world-class exhibitions, festive events and so much more.

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Beautiful display of lights during the holiday season

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