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Verona Beer Garden

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I think this would be on if the best spot in Verona where you could enjoy: good food, a nice beer, an awesome view of Verona and also have fun.I actually never been here on a date, BUT it would probably be on of the places I’d choose. It’s an outdoor place, so it’s closed during winter. You can chat with your friends, listen to live music and also play games. They have board games, you can play trivia, card games, ping-pong and also beer pong. It’s a vary fun place to have a unique date 😉

laura_comin 2 years ago

This place is perfect to eat a burger, drink beer and chill with your friends. You can play board games, beer pong, dance and also have the chance to have a clear view of Verona's landscape.

laura_comin 3 years ago

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