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Habitat 67

Iconic cube-shaped modular housing complex, designed by Moshe Safdie for Expo 67 Exhibit.
  • 2600 Av Pierre-dupuy

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Of over 90 pavilions built for Expo67: Montréal’s 1967 World Fair, only two still stand today. Habitat 67 and The Biosphère: a giant, neon-lit dome (jump to #18 to read more). Habitat 67 is a great example a Japanese architectural movement called Metabolism, with proponents believing that buildings should be “designed as living, organic, interconnected webs of prefabricated cells.” This structure was supposed to be a pilot project; a successful example for cities to follow around the globe. Instead, due to a host of construction and money problems, it’s now known as Montréal’s “failed dream.” It wasn’t a total waste, though. Habitat 67 is comprised of 354 modules, divided among 148 homes, that are still lived-in to this date. How to: Want to take a peek inside one of the units? Sign up for a 90-minute guided tour of Habitat67. On top of a full history lesson, they’ll let you walk on the terraces and poke your head into one of the apartments.

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