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Casa Vicens Gaudí

A UNESCO-listed, early work of Antoni Gaudí featuring a unique blend of Moorish, neoclassical, and modernist styles, located in Barcelona.

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As you exit Park Güell in the south, you’ll find yourself in Gràcia, one of the least visited yet most enchanting suburbs in Barcelona. Wind your way southwest through the narrow alleyways lined with charming plazas (and stop for a cafe con leche in one of the many charming cafés) until you reach Casa Vicens, a grandiose mansion designed by the master himself, and the second stop on our Guadi-inspired Barcelona walking tour. This was the very first house Gaudi built in Barcelona, yet because it’s only been open to the public for a couple of years, it still flies below the tourist radar. I loved the fact that I had this incredible place to myself for the first hour of my visit but, most of all, I adored the Moorish influence of Gaudi’s earlier works, which seemed to disappear later in his career. What has always been a constant, and is visible here, is Gaudi’s extensive and eclectic use of mixed material: ceramic, glass, and cast iron, always colourful and always used with skill. Lovingly restored and offering insightful guided tours, Casa Vicens is, in my opinion, one of the most inspiring Gaudi treasures in the city.

laurastraveltales 5 years ago

Another of Gaudi’s works, Casa Vicens often gets overlooked for Gaudi’s more famous works across the city. Located on a quiet side street in the Gracia neighborhood, stepping inside here is like stepping into an oasis. Palm trees sway in the garden, and the exterior is decked out in checkered red and green tiles. Inside is awash with Mediterranean influence, from the coasts of Spain to the deserts of Morocco. A true oasis in the city.

jimmytayles 4 years ago

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