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Just off the shore of Galicia lies the powder-white sand and azure waters found across the Cíes Islands. While Spanish beaches typically have the feel of the Mediterranean Sea, the northwestern Galicia sits just north of Portugal on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, making for a different experience completely. As the point of connection for the islands of Monteagudo and Faro, the tranquil Playa de Rodas beach is where locals come to spend lazy summer days under the sun surrounded by pine trees and idyllic scenery — the ideal setting for those whose idea of a beach vacation involves a great book. The beach has a string of seafood restaurants and bars nearby where, from sangria to tequila to beer, you can find the perfect reading companion of your choice.

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    braedentg (Braeden Alexander)
    What comes to mind when you think of the best things to do in Spain? Charming hillside towns, flamenco dancers, unlimited sangria — oh, and of course, time spent on the beach. If you’re in the market for a beach getaway, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better destination than Spain, the official world leader in quality of beaches after being awarded 696 BlueFlags in 2018. So, whether you’re hoping to ride the 12-foot waves at Playa de Mundaka or spend some quality family time under the sun, here are the best beaches in Spain for every type of traveler: