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Woldenberg Park

A riverside public space in New Orleans with scenic views, walking paths, green areas, and frequent community events.

Tips from the community

Woldenberg Park is one of my current favorite places to go for a run in the city. The park stretches for a mile from the Riverfront Shopping Center to the Basin Street Wharf. It encompasses both the Audubon Aquarium and the Steamboat Natchez docking station, so there are plenty of things to do in this stretch. Woldenberg also has the best lookout point to see Jackson Square.

kaylee 2 years ago

Checking out the only Hanukkah pop up bar in NYC! The latke’s are amazing!🤤

mustangdmv 9 months ago

That looks so good!

chiefseeker 9 months ago

Woldenberg Park Lists

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    New Orleans is known for its cuisine, rich culture, unique architecture, and nightlife. But did you know that they have one of the largest city parks in the country? NOLA is home to thousands of acres of parks waiting to be explored. Some are compact oases as small as a city block, while others are lush botanical escapes on the banks of the river with babbling streams and ancient oak trees. Check out some of my favorites for when I need a break from city life.