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Capital city of Illinois, known for being the hometown of Abraham Lincoln, featuring historical sites and museums dedicated to the 16th US president.

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Welcome to Springfield, the capital city of Illinois! Known for its rich history as the home of President Abraham Lincoln, Springfield offers visitors a chance to explore the past through its numerous museums and historic sites. From the beautiful State Capitol building to the Lincoln Home National Historic Site, Springfield is full of attractions that showcase the state's cultural heritage and political significance at the heart of the Midwest. Come and experience the charm and enduring legacy of Illinois' state capital for yourself!

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    <p>Every crafted item carries a little bit of the place and people that make it. The Illinois Makers program celebrates the small businesses whose uniquely Illinoisan style and creativity set our locally made goods apart. The following businesses and makers in the Greater Peoria Area have been recognized by the Illinois Office of Tourism for the Illinois Made program.</p>
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