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Paso Robles

A charming wine region in Central CA, known for its hot springs, wineries, almond orchards, and rich history in the heart of San Luis Obispo County.

Paso Robles Guides

  • Downtown Paso Robles Wine Trail

    bestwineries (Best Wineries )
    Nestled in the heart of California's Central Coast, Paso Robles is a picturesque wine region renowned for its world-class wines and warm hospitality. The charming downtown area is home to a vibrant collection of tasting rooms, where visitors can embark on a wine tasting journey through the diverse terroir of Paso Robles. With its rolling hills and Mediterranean climate, Paso Robles provides the perfect backdrop for producing a wide range of varietals, from robust reds to crisp whites, ensuring that every oenophile's palate is catered to. This thriving wine scene is complemented by the region's dedication to sustainable and organic viticulture, showcasing a commitment to both quality and environmental responsibility. In this list and map, we share the best downtown Paso Robles wineries and tasting rooms, inviting wine enthusiasts to savor the rich flavors and unique expressions of this captivating wine-growing region while supporting practices that honor the land and its resources.
  • 2023 Paso Robles Travel Guide

    chiefseeker (Jody Vandergriff)
    Paso Robles is a charming wine country destination on the Central California Coast and the perfect spot for a romantic weekend away. From top rated restaurants to stylish tasting rooms, boutique shopping and beautiful hikes, there’s something for everyone. In this guide, you’ll find some of the best things to do in Paso Robles, California.
  • Hearst Castle and the Central California Coast: The Perfect 2 Day Itinerary

    chiefseeker (Jody Vandergriff)
    Hearst Castle is a must see attraction on the Central California Coast. I had seen the photos, heard the hype, but nothing prepared me for just how magnificent this architectural wonder really is. Only a 3 hour drive from the SF Bay Area and a 4 hour drive from Los Angeles, it is very do-able for a quick weekend getaway. Hearst Castle itself can be toured in 3 hours, leaving plenty of time to see some of the surrounding area. Here, I share some of my favorite spots in the area for a perfect 2 day getaway.
  • Pacific Coast Wine Trail

    bestwineries (Best Wineries )
    The Pacific Coast Wine Trail takes you along the breathtaking Highway 1, through charming seaside towns and along the rugged coastline of Central California. From the exquisite Coastal Burgundian varietals grown in close proximity to the Pacific Ocean to the bold Bordeaux and Rhone varieties flourishing in Paso Robles, each wine along the Pacific Coast Wine Trail is handcrafted to showcase the distinct characteristics of the grape and reflect the personal touch of the winemaker. While you are there, do not miss Hearst Castle. It's well worth the pit spot.
  • Glamping in California

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    A bucket list of all the best glamping sites in California.
  • The best brewery patios to soak up the sun in California

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    California is well-known for its craft beer scene and breathtaking outdoor spaces. Combine the two, and you get some of the best brewery patios in the country. From San Diego to San Francisco, there are numerous breweries in California that offer an unforgettable outdoor experience. Whether you're looking for a spot to catch some rays with a cold pint or a place to enjoy a beer with friends in a picturesque setting, California's brewery patios have got you covered.
  • Copper State Beer Fest 2024

    visitmesa (Visit Mesa )
    <p>Craft beer lover? Join us at the Copper State Beer Festival on Jan 13th! Join our check-in challenge with digital badges and a chance to be the ultimate beer champion. Not into beer? We've got wine, spirits, and more! Premium beverages, food trucks, and live entertainment await. Get ready for outdoor fun!</p><p>How does this work? Simple! Sip your way to success! For every 5 sips, snag a digital badge. Hit 10 sips and claim your medal redemption at the Visit Mesa booth. It's that easy! </p><p>**Must check-into all 6 Mesa &amp; Queen Creek Based Vendors to redeem your medal:</p><p>• AZ Distilling Co.</p><p>• Barrio Brewing</p><p>• Chupacabra Taproom</p><p>• Cider Corps</p><p>• Old Ellsworth Brewing</p><p>• Phantom Fox Brewing</p><p>**Redeem your medal at the Visit Mesa booth</p>
  • Best Wine Regions in California

    gocamp (GoCamp )
    <p>Ah, California, the sun-kissed bastion of viticulture where rolling vineyards are as iconic as the Golden Gate. It's a place where the soil whispers secrets of old vines and the air carries a bouquet that can only be described as vinous poetry. From the fog-laced fields of Sonoma to the rustic charm of Paso Robles, each region offers a unique symphony of flavors that can tantalize the palates of both the casual sipper and the seasoned sommelier. In your camper van rental, you can enjoy The Golden State with its expansive microclimates and terrains, each producing wines that rival the oldest European estates. Promising more than just a camper van adventure, the wine of California tell a story of the land from which they come, offering your taste buds an inspiring tale. So, let's embark on a journey through the best wine regions in California.</p>
  • New York Times' 52 Places

    seeker (Seeker Editors)
    Leave it to The New York Times to curate such a lengthy list of life-changing locations for their iconic 52 Places list. These unique travel destinations across the world were selected by pros for being breathtakingly beautiful and providing awe-inspiring experiences. From the towering ancient pyramids of Egypt to the neon bustling metropolis of Tokyo, there is a lot of vacation inspo for your next big adventure.