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Tongariro National Park

A UNESCO World Heritage site in NZ featuring volcanic landscapes, Maori cultural significance, and famous hiking trails like the Alpine Crossing.

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The Tongariro National Park is where the North Island horizon gets claimed by mighty volcanos. It’s a trio of peaks that dominates, from serrated Mount Ruapehu to the dusty caldera of Mount Ngauruhoe. You can see them from miles off, enfolded by dashes of kamahi bush and beech forests, streaked with snow, and often haloed in wisps of cloud. Tempted? The hiking here is second to none. The awesome Tongariro Alpine Crossing usually tops the bill. Lasting up to eight hours, it’s a 12-mile trek through the very heart of the reserve. Along the way, you’ll delve into the Mangatepopo Valley and its moss-clad lava chutes, spy iridescent volcanic pools ringed by buttercups, and, of course, enjoy jaw-dropping views of the three soaring summits themselves.

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Tongariro National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site located in Waikato, New Zealand. It features three active volcanic mountains, including Mount Ruapehu, Mount Ngauruhoe, and Mount Tongariro, and is home to unique and diverse flora and fauna. Visitors can experience picturesque landscapes, hiking trails, skiing, and cultural significance from the local Māori tribes.

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