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Traverse City

A picturesque city located on the shores of a Great Lake in the Midwest, known for its cherry orchards and annual film festival.

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It’s fitting that the “cherry capital of the world” would also be a hotspot for cherry blossom viewing (check out the self-guided Blossom Tour Guide). For cherry blossom peeping, it’s best to drive along Old Mission peninsula to see the trees intertwined with vineyards along a route that also affords views of West and East Grand Traverse Bay. May is the best time to visit Traverse City, Michigan to see cherry blossoms in bloom in Northern Michigan, but July is also a popular time because of the National Cherry Festival.

laurenmack 8 months ago

Traverse City, Michigan is known for its breathtaking cherry blossoms that adorn the city during the spring. The city has a Cherry Blossom Festival that celebrates the beauty of the cherry blossoms and their importance to the area. Visitors can explore the cherry blossom trees in various parks throughout the city, including the Traverse City State Park and the Bryant Park.

seeker 6 months ago

Traverse City is the perfect little vacation town. Located on the water, it's a very walkable town with really great restaurants. In the summer, you'll find an ongoing carnival, a cherry festival, and other lively events, with golf courses and amusement parks nearby.

netanyas 2 years ago

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